Saturday, March 26, 2011


After Thanksgiving a vibrant young man at our church, Lance O'Cull, was involved in a terrible automobile accident.  He was struck head on by another motorist and suffered many injuries.  His father is a dentist in our community and his family is very involved in our church.  Lance is very smart, vibrant, talented, and so much more.  As a show of love for Lance, some ladies in our congregation got together and made a string diamond quilt for Lance.  It was an idea found by Sydneykatt online.  Our church has AWESOME stained glass windows so she suggested we make a quilt for Lance to show our support during his recovery.

By God's grace, Lance is making strides but still has steps to climb.  If you are interested in his story, his sister has made a blog tracking his journey.  It also explains the "LIVE THE LION" motto we've all adopted in Lance's honor.  Their website is  The pictures here are of the finished quilt I showed to the church before giving it to Lance's family.  Thanks to my friend Jean for the label on the back.


Idea borrowed from this website:

Sorry it's uploaded like this.  It's right side up in my view but loads sideways!!!  Love what she picked for the label.

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and bible verse! This will be such an encouragement to Lance and his family. Angela, you did such a great job getting this all organized! I don't know how you do all you do! May God bless Lance and everyone in the Vanceburg community! Sydneykatt