Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Favorite Place

After finishing some much needed cleaning in my "catch all" room, I wanted to see pictures of my sewing room when I last organized it.  I have to go through the "catch all" room to get to my sewing area.  Getting it clean is a motivator to finish some projects and get my sewing room back to the way it was in these photos!!!  :-)  Here's my sewing room.  It is a room built above the attic (by previous owner).  My brother helped me line two walls with shelves.  The other shelves he had built for other things and I repurposed them for my room.  I love my colored fabrics.  After working at Jo Ann Fabrics in college, it's hard to break myself of storing them this way.  LOL  I love working in this room.  Amazing how with no projects going on it can stay clean but what fun is there in that?!?!?!  :-)  Hope you like my room.  I love it! --Quiltpecan
My sewing room.  Its a long narrow room but perfect as my sewing hideaway.

"Some" of my fabric stash.... it multiplies but I like it that way.

My labeled bins of sewing extras. Some supplies, some cut fabrics, some orphan blocks, ribbon and so on and so on. 

My denim corner and a portion (small portion) of my sewing/quilting book library.


  1. Oh my! I LOVE your sewing hideaway :) I have my sewing/eBay room back in order, for the time being! LOL :)

  2. Well... I am taking a mini vac in a few weeks and want the house clean before I leave. Having the catch all room done is such a relief. the other rooms will be a BREEZE! When I painted back in the fall, the majority of the rooms were cleaned and decluttered in the process. Just gotta get some lazy housemembers to work!! LOL -- Quiltpecan

  3. Love your sewing space!!! I am soooooo jealous. I recently had to convert my sewing room into a room for my granddaughter but it was worth it to have here close. I am back to the closet and dining room table, oh well!