Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treasure Hunting - What can I get for 18 cents?

Ok... today I made a steal.  Actually 17 of them!!!  Our local COMPREHEND office has a second hand store called "The Treasure Trunk."  Their everyday prices are 25 cents each.  Which in itself is a BARGAIN!!  But occasionally they have a one cent sale!  This month they have everything for a PENNY!!  So, on my break today, I headed on in.  Many of you saw the tote I made for my daughter where I used a canvas belt for a handle, so I looked through those today.  Not as fancy as the one I used for hers but I did get some loonnnng ones which is good because I cut them in half.  I also did great on my other finds.  I found 3 holiday vests.  Definintely enough material for my three cent investment.  I also save denim for a future quilt.  Managed to find 2 denim pieces (denim goes quick.)  Found a sweater and sleeveless top I may just keep for myself!  An IZOD top, like new, for my niece, a surprise piece (b/c I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet!  I just loved it), the belts, and a SILK shirt.  I will use the silk shirt for an EASTER project!  Watch in the future for details on that.  You will LOVE it!  I think for 17 cents plus 1 cent tax I did GREAT!  Happy Treasure Hunting to you!  -- Quiltpecan


  1. I'll send you 75 cents and you do some shopping for me! Sounds like some real deals! Were there any BUTTONS or CHEESE TRAYS? Great work! Sydneykatt

  2. Sounds like you found the pot o Gold at the end of the rainbow today!
    Happy St. Pat's day to you :)

  3. LOL... Yes Sunflower, I did. I hadn't thought of it that way! May have to rename my post!!!
    Syndeykatt.. they don't have much in the way of whatnots but two of the shirt/vest I bought had probably a dozen buttons, so worth 2 cents! :-)