Tuesday, April 19, 2011

String-Squares PILLOW

My little neighbor girl (11 years old) came over Sunday and helped me move some fabric around.  She noticed a string-square pillow that I had started .  I asked her if it looked hard and she said YES!  So, I showed her how EASY it is to do and these are the four squares SHE sewed.  I gave her my four squares for the backside, and we made a pillow for her room.  She was THRILLED : )  She told me she wanted a sewing machine and I said, that will be a nice gift to ask for Christmas.  She said, no, not Christmas, my birthday in JULY!  There are some great tutorials at MaryQuilts.com about string-squares.  Sydneykatt

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  1. That looks way cool! Going to check out the website :)