Monday, May 2, 2011

Elephants for Emily

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to my niece Emily who turns 12 today.  She is the first Grandbaby born to my Mom and Dad.  She was even born on their anniversary!!  How neat!! 

The purse in this post was made for my niece.  If you look in the purse/tote bag category, you will see an OWL purse I made for myself.  My daughter and nieces all loved it and wanted their own.  So for Emily's birthday, I made her this ELEPHANTthemed purse.  She has started collecting elephants and I found this fabric at a quilt shop Sydneykatt and I love to shop at!  Who wouldn't love this fabric??  It's pretty and the colors are great!

Last  year I started a new tradition for me and my nieces.  I take them out for a day of food and shopping for a birthday gift, just me and them.  The two of us, no one else.  Emily has been looking forward to this for months now.  I let them eat where they want and buy what they want.  Only difference this year, is I gave her a set amount of money and when it was gone, it was gone.  We went this past Saturday for our day out.  Of course we had a great time and she LOVED the gift.  I enjoy this day out as much as they do.

I think this purse and her spending cash made a great present.  What do you think??

My favorite side of the purse.  Love the green fabrics!

Reverse side.  Just love this elephant print.  Greens and pinks are so cool together.

I signed and dated it in another spot too but had to add the Happy Birthday!!
Oh.... forgot to tell you what her younger sister said.  (She is almost 6.)  When she saw her sister's purse she had the cutest look on her face and looking all pitiful.  Then she said, "My birthday is coming soon!"  With the "hint hint" look in her eyes.  She doesn't know but hers is almost done.  Will be posting soon.



  1. Very cute! I love pink and green also!

  2. You have done it again Quiltpecan! This purse is so cute! You have such a gift for anything you do! The fabric is adorable! I will have to "SHOWCASE" the purse you made for me several years ago, that I wouldn't carry, for fear of ruining it! Now, I know you could always REPLACE IT! Great job, as usual! Sydneykatt

  3. You are right, that is such cute fabric. No wonder she loved it! And little sis too :)