Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flowers for Friends

I was looking at the tutorials of the MISSOURI STAR QUILT COMPANY that I featured in a recent blog and found a cute Dresden plate flower wall hanging that I thought Sydneykatt would enjoy.  I always "tweak" a pattern for some reason...mainly I guess because I like variations or bits and pieces of ideas that I find.  So... I went up to my sewing room and already had the makings of a mini Dresden plate started.  Instead of using a solid center, I used a yo yo.  The stem actually called for jumbo rick rack and using some more Dresden plate pieces for the leaves.  My tweaked version is just a bit smaller. (Mainly because Sydneykatt's display wall is full of mini things and it is super cute.)  I also found an old ribbon that came off of a stack of washcloths I recently bought.  (recycle right??)  Folded in half it was perfect for the stem and the ribbon full width made great leaves.  It was a simple quick project.  And best of all I knew she'd like it!  :-)  Hope you like it too!  --Quiltpecan


  1. Cute! I want to try a Dresden Plate too. I have an idea in mind, maybe this will inspire me!

  2. I do I do! This would make a beautiful sunflower :)

  3. Thank-you again Quiltpecan! I love my flower and this one I won't kill! I LOVE IT!