Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Tips!

This is ONE of my favorite garden tips!  I bought this Rain Barrel last year and believe it or not it is a FISKARS!  It collects 55 gallons of rainwater off of our roof  : )  It is so handy, saves water and the nutrients in the rain are great for our plants!  Once the rain barrel gets full, the water is diverted into the downspout. It is so nice to have this EXTRA, FREE water on hand and for washing dirty hands when working outside!  Sydneykatt

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  1. That is really neat and so nice looking! It would make some great compost tea for watering plants too.

  2. That is way cool,have never seen one of these before.

  3. Do you remember where you bought this?? I looked online but would really like to check out in person.... :-)