Sunday, May 8, 2011



This is a post in memory and my two awesome Moms.... My Mom Carla and My Granny Mabel.  They were both awesome ladies in my life.  I could go on for pages and pages as to the many things they did.  My Granny was blessed with a long life of 89 years and I was fortunate enough to live with her for nearly 10 years when my Pappa passed away.  I cherish those years with her.  Then there's my awesome Mom.  She lived a very full 57 years.  Even though she died at a young age she lived more "life" in that time than some people who live to be 100!  I miss them both and want to share their photo with you.  This picture was taken in 2003 on my Granny's 88th birthday.  My Mom would have been 53 in this photo.  I was lucky enough to have pictures taken with the 4 of us every years since Taylor was born.  We continued after Granny passed away.  Now it's just Taylor and  I but we still make sure to get our picture taken together every year. 

Enjoy this Mother's Day with those you love! 
Special wishes to my friend Sydneykatt!! 
Love, Quiltpecan
In Memory of My Mom Carla 1950-2008 and My Granny Mabel 1915-2005

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your "MOMS"! They were so proud of you! What a wonderful daughter, granddaughter and MOM you turned out to be! Happy Mother's Day! Sydneykatt