Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mug Rug Swap - Check it out!

Sydney and I have made our own mug rugs.  I have one at work that I made and I love it.  It's basically an over sized coaster.  On JoJo Mia's blog  (JoJoMia's Place - click here to go to her blog)  she has a link for a mug rug swap.  This swap is on another blog called Leona's Quilting Adventure. (Click here for Leona's blog and mug rug info)

Deadline to sign up for this swap is May 15th.  Deadline for mailing your mug rug is June 30th.  Try one for yourself, you may want to sign up.  You will be surprised by some quilter who will send you an awesome surprise mug rug!

One of my mug rug experiments.  Made it to match my mug!!  :-)  But they can be any design.  They are fun!!

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  1. Cute! I like that idea to match your mug, may have to do that. Thanks for mentioning me!