Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Well... I made myself go upstairs and do a little sewing on Monday.  Good news and bad news.  I did get to sew for about 2 hours.  Bad news.... my sewing room is over the garage and has it's own AC unit.  I think my AC needs serviced!!  I hope it's just in need of some freon and not replacement!!!!  Will call on that first thing tomorrow.  Gotta have air in these 90 degree temps of SPRING!!  Yes SPRING... it's gonna be a HOT summer!  :-)

Now.. back to the good news.... I got to sew!!!  Remember the OWL purse I made earlier.  Well... everyone loves it and I've had requests to make a few in other colors.  I had 3 to finish and got the main part finished today on the 3 purses.  I just have to layer with the batting and backing and assemble.  Here are the 3 semi finished products.

The first purse I made.  Still my fave b/c I LOVE the owls on it!

This is a funky print.  I tried finding something with peace signs but this caught my eye and seemed perfect for the little girl I'm giving it to.

This flower print is so cute & girly.  I think the little gal this is intended for will love it.

The main print on this bag is much prettier than it shows up in the picture.
Now, the UGLY part.... I need your help.  This purse when finished has bars that hold the purse onto the handle.  It is removable so that you can make different purses if you want.... or to take it off and launder it.  BUT here's my dilemma.  The ends need tightened periodically so that you don't LOSE the ends!!!  Here's the problem... even with tightening.... I lost one!!!!  and so did my niece who got the elephant purse.  :-(  I'm trying to get replacement end pieces but I'm not having much luck.  Short of super gluing the ends on, do you have suggestions as to how to keep the ends on??  I'd love for the purse body to be removable but if I have to super glue, I will......

Here's how the end pieces look.  Hard to see but the end is like a screw and the end is a decorative nut!  :-)  Ideas on how I can keep them from falling off (short of super glue.)

The purse handles opened up.  You can see the bars in the handle here.

 Hope this finds you doing well and enjoying whatever makes you happy.  :-)  Quiltpecan


  1. love love love your purses!

  2. I Have got to buy this pattern,cuz it is way too cute!
    What about some of that white tape (think it is called plumbers tape?) that is put on pipes to help hold them together. Or locktite (thread goop) it comes in a tube and is a blue color.


    Here is the link on the original OWL purse. It gives links to find this pattern (in case your local stores don't have it or can't get it.)

    :-) I love it too!!! There is a little bigger size handle too. I bought one but haven't made a purse cover for it.