Friday, June 24, 2011

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Well..... if Sydneykatt and I are shopping, that doggy in the window will be bought for a deal!!!  These little doggies were purchased on an unexpected yard sale spree.  I spent a total of $1.60 for all three pieces!!  :-)

The little pinkish dog was 10 cents!  He was very dirty but he was just too cute to pass up.  The red dachshund was expensive!!  He was $1.00!!  He is small and just too cute.  We have a dachshund so my daughter and I had to have him.  The little gal with the poodles, she is a nice piece.  She still has a tag on the bottom.  Looks like she may have originally carried a parasol.  There is a hole in her hand so she is missing something.  But for 50 cents, I didn't want to pass her up. 

Hope you are having fun treasure hunting too.  It is Spring/Summer, so the yard sales are out and about.  Keep your eyes open, you may get a great deal too!  --Quiltpecan

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