Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roses from Heaven

Pardon my "non-sewing" posts .... still waiting on getting my air fixed in my sewing room.  It is a spare room and I figure with these hot hot temps of "SPRING" there are others in need of the AC repair man besides me.  But there are other great things to enjoy like this rose bush.

The roses in this post are from my Granny's house.  I spent so much time at her house as a young girl.  At that time, my family lived behind Granny & Pappa.  I stayed with my Granny so much I asked to visit my Mom.  LOL  Then when my Pappa passed away I gradually moved in permanently with Granny.  She was a wonderful lady in my life.

There was a rose that stood to the back of her house that produced the best looking and best smelling roses.  I still think it's the best smelling rose of any I have encountered.  This rose bush is still producing and would be a 60 + year old plant right now.  Granny said she got it as a free premium gift with a purchase she made years and years ago.  She lived in that house 60 years herself. 

When my Granny passed, I wanted to take a piece of this rose with me.  I know roses are hard to "transplant" and especially hard to take a sprig of.  I may not be a green thumb with other plants but I got a piece of this rose to live at my house!!!  :-)  I love when it starts to bud and bloom each year.

This picture is my first bloom of 2011.  It smells as great as it looks.  Wish I could scratch and sniff this picture for you.

Want to hear another touching story concerning this rose bush.......  When Granny passed away, the children sold her house.  A nice family who we know was able to purchase and move in the house.  I told the new lady of the house how much I loved that rose.  Well.... I work just a block from this house and in Spring the year after Granny's passing, Sharon (new owner) brought me the first rose from this plant.  She said she had planned to bring it the day before but just didn't get to.  It was meant to be for her to wait because the day she brought it was exactly the date that Granny had passed the year before.  When she walked in with the rose, I knew where it was from and I couldn't help but tear up.  It was like a Heavenly Hug from my Granny.  It couldn't have been more perfect.



  1. I think this comes under the heading of, "stop and smell the roses". What a wonderful blessing from God for you! Aren't we all so fortunate to have these blessings, if we just take the time to notice!

  2. Amen.
    It sure is beautiful in the photo,wish I could scratch & sniff :)