Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Traveling Treasure

I hadn't been to a yard sale in some time but one Saturday my daughter and I were out of town and came across a community yard sale day.  We did not get to stop at as many as I would have liked.  We did make some good buys at the places we did stop!!!  One thing I found was this basket.  It has a European theme on the top except for the "St Louis" sticker that has been added.  The artwork of bldgs painted on the outside of the basket is in very good shape.  The places labeled are locations in St Louis.  It seems someone has added to this original basket.  I wonder what it looked like before it was changed.  Nonetheless, it was a $3.00 find and I love it!!!  And that's what matters.  Hope you like it too!  --Quiltpecan

UPDATE!!  :-)  I wrote this post in advance and had it scheduled to post when something quite coincidental happened.  At work a co-worker came in with a basket purse and I thought, hmmm... that looks just like the one I recently picked up at a yard sale.  Except she got hers at an auction for $1!!  Her basket is very similar but has info based around the city of Cincinnati, OH!  :-)  Her basket is the same size as mine but differs in store names and some detailing.  Check out pics.  She brought her basket in and I brought mine for fun comparison. :-)

Even more ironic is that the type of basket we bought are collectible and featured in the JUNE 2011 edition of Country Living Magazine (on page 46.)  The basket is featured in a Q & A, "What's It Worth?" section.   They are called "Caro-Nan" baskets and are estimated to be worth $50.  They usually are signed, have a penny on top (mine is missing) and are based on the city in which they were featured and sold.  What started as a gift for family and friends turned into a business for the two ladies behind the Caro-Nan Baskets.  Our baskets our bigger than the one featured in the article but how neat!!!  Especially for all 3 things to have occurred within a week!  :-)

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