Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yes.... I got to SEW!

One more purse down and one more to go before the "orders" for these cute little purses are done. I am still loving this little purse pattern. I've made several so far and you can check previous posts if you want to see the others I've completed. (Just click on Purses and Totes on our home page.) I have some ideas for variations using the same premise but nothing to show yet. I did experiment the other day but it was a work in progress that I was making up as I went and I need to rethink. I'll get it. :-) Check back later for details.

This purse is for a gal about 6-7 years old. Colorful and cute. I'd carry it for myself!

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Enjoy the day. Hope you are enjoying the pretty days of spring and summer. Sometimes we get away from our sewing on those days.... I know I do. So many things to spend our time on both inside and outside the house. Spend your day doing whatever you love! --Quiltpecan


Click here and check out a great giveaway!! Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting is giving away a neat OLFA circle cutter and some neat patterns. I hope you go check it out. There is a little over a week left to enter! Thanks Cheryl!!!

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  1. Bet she loves it! I bought the handle to make one,now just need to pick out the fab from my stash. And Find the time,ha ha!