Friday, July 22, 2011

4-H Fun & Goodies Rec'd

My daughter went to 4-H camp last week. She had a GREAT time. They were able to choose different activities and chose an "Arts & Crafts" class as one of her 5 activities for the week. This was a choice of her own. :-) for Mom. LOL Anyway, she had a fun and proudly showed off her creations to my co-workers and her Dad. She made not one but two pillows while she was there. She did a nice job. They are made similar to the tied fleece blankets that were popular a few years back. They would make nice projects for any kid and nice gifts that the kids can say they made their self! --Quiltpecan


I just returned from vacation and found some goodies in the mail from a recent swap.  The swap was from a fellow blogger's page called LIVING ON LESS.  It was an easy swap.  With a $10 minimum budget you sent something from your area to someone else she matched you up with.  I got a gal in Michigan and she I must have been thinking alike!!!  LOL  We both sent each other cookbooks and a food sample from their area!  She sent me yummy hot fudge and I sent her a small package of Beef Jerky that is made in KY.  It is so good.  I never would even try jerky.  Now I won't eat any other kind.  I'm sure I will enjoy her HOT FUDGE.  Yum Yum.  As I posted a little bit back, who doesn't love hot fudge!!!  Also, I don't know about you all but I LOVE cookbooks even when I don't use them.  I love looking them over and imagining all the yummies and remembering my Mom's and Granny's great cooking.
Thank you Caren for my goodies and to Living On Less blogger, Michele for organizing the swap.  Below are pics of my goodies (sent and rec'd).  :-)  Quiltpecan
Goodies rec'd - Detroit area, Sander's Hot Fudge and Detroit Market Info (includes LOTS of yummy recipes) 
Thanks Caren!!!  Can't wait to sit and look at all the recipes and pick out some to try!

Goodies sent - Kentucky, KY Recipes, Mingua (Paris KY) Jerky, Lewis Co KY Can Cozy, Horse postcards, Riverview/Sky Overlook of Vanceburg.  Local travel brochures.  Some my small hometown, others KY in general

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  1. You two had a great time, thank you so much for participating! I am so glad you had fun. :) Your daughters pillows look AMAZING, she did a wonderful job. Have a great weekend, hope you are all staying nice and cool there, I know its hot almost everywhere. ish!