Saturday, July 30, 2011

Calico Patch

Today I am going to the Calico Patch Quilt Shop in Morehead, KY.  My friend asked me to go with her and it has turned into a party!!  Can't wait to go!!!  She and her daughter are going.  My daughter and I.  And at least 4-6 other ladies!!  Gonna be a fun day.  The Calico Patch shop is a neat little place.  Sydneykatt and  I have been there together too.  I haven't been for awhile so it's gonna be fun.  Especially since they are having Christmas in July!!  Door Prizes, Refreshments, Demos and more!! They are also giving away a BERNINA!!  Wouldn't that be awesome to win that!!  Check out their website because they have a KY Shop Hop and a Fall Retreat planned soon.  Sydneykatt...... how about the retreat!!??  :-)

Hope you will be having an awesome Saturday as well.  ENJOY!!  --Quiltpecan

The Shop is just as cute on the inside.  Packed with goodies.  Now this is the right kind of shopping.  LOL
I wanna go to this!!  Gonna check out the details when I go today.  My friend's aunt is new to quilting and loving it. I'm sure she will be interested too.   This would be a great way to share the weekend with quilting friends.

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