Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pre-Teen Purse

I finally finished the other purse that I started.  I don't know why I waited.  They don't take long at all!  I love how this one turned out.  The sides and bottom are a cool polka dot.  Black fabric with co-ordinating color dots.  I think the girls will love these.  I put up a picture of the two that are going to sisters.  :-)  Have a great week! --Quiltpecan


  1. those are just too cute!
    A while back you mentioned that Sydneykat had purchased the frames for these purses on line for a good price. Would you share the place where she found them? Thanks :)

  2. ETSY . :) I will send a link after vacation .. they are a little tricky to search for. Hobby and land was the original brand I bought & are the best quality. But the others were nice too for the price.