Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stars but No Stripes

Isn't this quilt beautiful? I was the fortunate winner of this quilt at a Relay for Life auction some years back. I got it for a steal. Mostly because I don't think most participants understood how the silent auction worked. Nonetheless, it is mine now and I'm still troubled as to how to display this quilt. It is a LARGE quilt. The inner star seems hand pieced but the navy fabric seems newer. I'd say someone had finished a top they inherited/purchased/whatever the case may be. I do not know who the maker is. The person who donated the quilt got it from someone in a roundabout way. There were really no concrete details given. You know how those stories go. No one marked anything on the quilt like we so often do now. I have a queen size bed and it just doesn't lay right. I'd say it would suit a King size mattress better. It's also too large for my wall! (without folding it.... and I'd want to display the star.) I hope you all enjoy looking at it. Maybe someone can give me an idea of how to best enjoy this quilt. --Quiltpecan

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  1. Since you are such a great photographer, I would have the picture blown-up and framed with a mat that shows great contrast, and hang in my home : )