Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who doesn't love HOT FUDGE???

When I was a teenager I loved to have HOT FUDGE CAKE when we'd go out to eat.  I could eat it no matter how much I'd already eaten back then.  (That young teenage metabolism at work... wish I had a little of that again... LOL)  Here lately I have really craved hot fudge cake.  Seems it's always too late in the evening, I'm too full, or it's not on the menu, so I have done without.  Well, my daughter and I fixed my craving!  I made some Devil's Food Cake cupcakes.  My hubby always has vanilla ice cream on hand.  So.. that just left HOT FUDGE and whipped cream.  I found a recipe online for hot fudge.  My 10 year old daughter helped me with it.  We used a recipe from the Carnation website.  Here is the link for the recipe I used.  Ingredients are easy and probably standard in most kitchens:  evaporated milk, butter, sugar, corn syrup, semi sweet chocolate chips, and vanilla.  Only thing I changed was using a double boiler.  I didn't want to burn the sauce and needed it for after our meal.  So the double boiler kept it warm and prevented the sauce from having to be stirred constantly.  It did take a while to thicken up so be patient if you use a double boiler too.  ENJOY... it's a great recipe and easy to make.  Make it up for your summertime get togethers.  Bet it would be even better over some homemade ice cream!!  Yum Yum.  :-)  Quiltpecan
think my aluminum double boiler is an antique but I wouldn't trade it for a new model

no cherry on top.... but it was still very very very good.  yum

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  1. OH be still my heart!! That looks stinkin awesome.yummmmmo!