Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Jimmy Scott & Leslie Fay

This little guy and gal have brought much fun for Sydneykatt & me.  We used to go out and hit the yard sales and thrift stores.  The two bears here cost us 50 cent total (and Sydneykatt's time in making them).  She used to make these bears alot and she made these for me.  Jimmy Scott (the guy in plaid) was a 25 cent vest.  The ears/paws are from the lining.  She really stretched the fabric on this one.  :-)  Leslie Fay is a 25 cent "Leslie Fay" brand polyester striped dress with a hat and accessories made from the ruffles on a lime green shirt we bought once upon a time.  We had a lot of fun at a Catholic Thrift Store she knew about.  We got great deals on their quarter rack! The vest and dress were two of those finds.   (By the Way... Jimmy Scott got his name from an old saying.... "My Name is Jimmy Scott, I'll take all you gimme' and all you got!!"  LOL)  I used to bring them on the 100 mile trip to her house to go with us as mascots!!  :-)  Miss those days.  Love ya Sydneykatt!!  --Quiltpecan

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