Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Monday, Here We Come!

I tell ya .... I'm glad that Monday is here in a way.  We had a very busy weekend.  Didn't get to sew like I planned but enjoyed the time off.  I think that when I get my daughter's quilt off in the mail, I'm going to work on a new chenille pillow.  Attended a day class on these some time ago.  This one is a quick one I made for my daughter.  It's prettier (and SOFTER)  than it shows in the pic.  When I made it she was much younger and she liked it just because I had the dachshunds on it!!  LOL  When I make the next one, I will try to do a tutorial.  I don't plan on doing another dachshund (which was paper pieced) but you can do just the chenille or you can add a quilt pattern of your choice.  Look for an upcoming tutorial.

Note the diagonal lines.... that's the chenille.  The overall design on this was quick and easy because I wanted to finish it for my daughter.  By the way, the more it's used and washed, the softer it gets. 

one of the two dachshunds on this pillow.  Just made it from a paper pieced pattern.  You mean you've never seen a pink or yellow dachshund???  LOL

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