Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Yet Hidden Nine Patch

I have so many things I'd like to do and little time to do it. :-) I know I'm not the only one faced with this dilemma. :-) After a busy work week I sometimes just want to rest but I did go up on Sunday and sew. Saturday ended up being so busy that it was NOT a day off. But Sunday we try to do what we want... non work related if at all possible.

After seeing Sydneykatt's BLUE FOREST Hidden Nine Patch (also called Tossed Nine Patch) I decided to work on some 9 patches that I recently set aside. Here's an IN PROGRESS PIC. I really like the color combinations. Cutting them apart makes them seem even better. That part will be fun.I have enough right now to make a throw.  Debating on whether to make 10 more 9 patches to increase the size to a TWIN.... hmmmm..... Hard to decide because there are so many projects (but not enough time or energy) in my head.   Hope you are having a productive outpouring of sewing! Send some of your energy this way!!! :-) Quiltpecan

To give you an idea of my color combination.

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