Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't throw away those scraps... even the little ones! :-)

Lucky Duck Dreams had this recent post that really caught my eye.  In the post she shows a scrappy quilt she made and some of her tips for using the leftover fabric pieces.  One thing that made me think "DUH" why didn't I think of that is using the super small scraps to stuff beds for dogs in shelters.  Well.... I have had dogs my entire life and I buy beds for them from time to time.  I wonder how many dog beds I could've had over the 20 years I've been sewing!!!!  :-)  So... just from the top of my sewing room trash can I've filled a large bag with scraps I'd discarded.  My own little dogs will reap the benefits of my stash when I acquire enough.  I will have to remember the local shelter too though.  GREAT IDEA!!  So glad she shared!  Check out her site for this post and others.  I like her site.  As you know we love to Blog Hop and gather ideas!  Have a great day!!!  Quiltpecan

future dog bed :-)

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  1. I have two "trash" bins in my sewing room. One for just fabric scraps and thread. One for actual trash.
    I read a post on
    about doing this back some time this spring!