Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Slow but sure

I finished the actual quilt you see in these pics some time back.  But I've put off hand sewing the binding.  Good thing I don't do it for a paycheck!!!  LOL  It's a large twin quilt and I've worked about 7 + hours finishing the binding.  It's a shame that the camera just doesn't do it justice!!!  It's very colorful and most importantly... my daughter loves it!  I sent it off to be quilted and just love how they added a horse in the quilting especially for my daughter!  She was thrilled by that!!  It was a surprise for me too!  :-)  Theresa from "U-n-I Quilts" did the quilting.  Check our her site.  I was very satisfied with her quilting and her patience in all my questions.  :-)  Hope you are having a successful sewing day!!  --Quiltpecan

The center fabric is a very colorful horse fabric that my daughter bought herself.. her own money.  :-)  She didn't want me to cut it up much.  So that is how the pattern emerged. click this link for pic of the featured fabric.

She was so happy I finally finished it!  :-)

The surprise horse inserted on the quilt.  We love the extra touch that was added. 
Check out Teresa's website for her information.

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