Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year TREE

My Mom would always take our Christmas tree down ASAP.  No later than the day after if not before!!  :-)  I on the other hand like leaving it up.  The idea I'm sharing is not my own and I don't even remember where I first read about it.  It's a way to enjoy your tree a little longer but in a different way.  Decorate your tree for NEW YEAR'S EVE celebrating.  The kids always enjoy helping me decorate it.  My granddaughter loved taking the things OFF.  LOL  Add balloons, party hats, streamers, horns, noise makers, tiaras, new year's glasses, beads, 2012 signs (my daughter and I made some and added after I took these pics), you decide.  If you are having a party.... here are your party favors and noise makers ready for your guests when the clock starts winding down.  (Also, it leaves only the tree for you to disassemble/dispose of later.)  If you still have your tree up, try it!  Your kids will love it.  I even had the delivery guys comment on it today when they delivered our new fridge!  They liked it too!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Quiltpecan

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