Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Denim Ideas

TGIF.... so glad that Friday is here.  Get to wear my comfy blue jeans instead of my work clothes!  I have been "collecting" jeans for some time.  They are in my sewing room.  I've outgrown them, or the kids have, or I've got them for a steal at yard sales, etc.  This is a pic of a picnic quilt I made a long time ago.  I keep it in the trunk of the car and it comes in handy many times.  :-)
Today on Facebook, I found another neat denim recycling idea.  I found it on COUNTRY WOMAN MAGAZINE'S page.  It's a rug!!  :-)   If you are on Facebook, look up COUNTRY WOMAN MAGAZINE.  Like their page.  They feature lots of great ideas. Here's the link to COUNTRY WOMAN magazine's webpage that features the Blue Jean Chenille Rug.  I've made a Chenille pillow.  It was fun to make.  I think this rug is neat.  It would feel so good under your feet.  Great for kids. 

Completed recycled jean chenille rug.
Picture is from County Woman Magazine's website.

Completed Blue Jeans Purse, made from recycled jeans.
Picture from Country Woman Magazine website
 Do you like purses?  Here's a cute idea also from COUNTRY WOMAN MAGAZINE.  A "pocket" book, literally.... LOL.  It's a blue jean purse with LOTS of pockets!  :-)  Click here for the link to the instructions for this project.
Inside view of the Blue Jeans Purse.
Picture from Country Woman Magazine website.
I hope to sew some myself this weekend.  I've put it off all week.  Been a busy time.  :-)  Enjoy your weekend!!  --Quiltpecan

Mat made from the waistband portion of old jeans -
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Denim Pillows -
Denim Quilts and scroll down for Denim Stockings ... cute -

There are so many GREAT ideas on the web.  Just search Recycled Jeans Ideas in your favorite search engine.  :-)

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