Saturday, September 22, 2012

Schnibbles - FOUR CORNERS

I don't remember what month we finished this Schnibble but it is hanging in my daughter's room.  It is the SCHNIBBLES patterns a friend and I took classes for.  This pattern is called FOUR CORNERS.  I used a kid novelty print from MODA because it had owls in it!  10 Little Things is the title of the line. It is more of a boy print but we pulled out what we liked.  We bought an extra pack so we could use the prints we like.   :-)  My daughter's new room decorations are owls.  It looks cute in her room and adds some color. 

I hung this quilt on a curtain rod from her wall.  Mainly because she's 11 and I know her tastes will change... a lot!!!  :-)  I think when I hang one in my room, I'm going to try the same technique!  The clip hooks are going to work great!  Hope you have had some successful summer projects.  --QP

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