Friday, March 22, 2013

Curtains?...into Quilt

My daughter-in-law re-did my granddaughter's bedroom this year.  Now, Hannah is a big fan of Dora, but, they wanted to switch things around with new bedding and curtains.  She gave me the two pair of Dora curtains and the print is adorable!  The only problem I saw, was "Boots" was cut in half when he was at the edge of the curtains and I didn't want a half of Boots in the quilt : )  So, I cut all the half of Boots out, unless he was at the edge of the quilt, and then sewed all 4 curtains together.  Took to local quilt shop for quilting, and then I sewed binding on myself.  I am very happy with the new twin-sized quilt for Hannah's new bedroom, I hope she likes it : )  What do you think?  Sydneykatt


  1. I think it is wonderful!!! She is going to love it!

  2. Any little Dora fan would be sure to prize this quilt! Great job!

  3. Your granddaughter is going to love her new quilt. What a great makeover for those curtains.

    1. Thank-you, couldn't waste such pretty curtains!