Saturday, April 20, 2013

Earth Day, April 22

Monday is the official Earth Day. But as I was looking for a picture for the blog, I saw several that said Earth Day should be every day. And they are right. I know many of us try to help reduce and reuse and recycle. At my house, we donate and also buy from the local Goodwill. When the kids are able, they exchange or hand down clothes. I'm glad that my daughter enjoys getting a bargain at Goodwill. We also do things at home like using cloth napkins and I also have reusable towels that I use in place of paper towels whenever possible. We recycle paper and plastic. My husband makes compost from kitchen scraps like egg shells and coffee grinds, combined with his outdoor gatherings. I'm sure we all do more than we think but as Earth Day draws closer, tally up what you do. And I'm going to ask myself, what else can I do? Hope you do the same. :-)Quiltpecan

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