Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weather Station - Homemade!

Weather Station - (homemade)!

I guess I like to know what the temperature is right outside my house. I also enjoy knowing just how much rain I get too. So, I hung this large thermometer outside my window along with a rain gauge. Now a quick check through the window tells me. Quiltpecan has a fancy gadget, so she doesn't need this homemade one, wink, wink! Do any of you still look out like I do, or check your computer? Sydneykatt


  1. My Grandpa used to have his Thermometer and Rain Gauge outside too! He loved it!

  2. Quilt pecan doesn't have a fancy gadget.... Quiltpecan's hubby owns that. Lol. Always like being able to look out window and check out the weather though. Hubby's fancy gadget lacks a rain gauge though! Not so fancy. Wink wink.