Monday, February 28, 2011


Took my very first trip to NYC right after Thanksgiving 2010. SO much to see and do. Didn't even see a portion of it I'm sure. My pre-teen daughter went as well. Loved TIMES SQUARE. We went to the DISNEY store there and I picked up this cool mug. Loved the colors! So had to make a mug rug to match. Mug Rugs are so fun. Another great project for orphan blocks. No rules or definite sizes. Just make it approx 6x9 so you have room for a drink and a treat. See earlier MUG RUG blog for a cute little "poem" we made up that can go with your mug. Makes nice gift. Tuck the rug into a nice coffee mug (get them for great prices at tag sales), tuck in your poem, cocoa mix, and a few chocolates or treat of your choice and you have a nice teacher gift, appreciation gift, secret sister, or just because. -- Enjoy!! Quiltpecan


  1. That is a cute mug, but I think I like the "rug" that it is on best! Hmm, seems like I have seen one exactly like that around here....oh, I have one like it too! Thank-you very much! Sydneykatt

  2. I think this is yours!! :-) I have another I need to post. -- Quiltpecan