Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Owl" do you do that?

I just love all the new OWL fabrics.  They are so cute.  Bought this print in a different color scheme too but used the brown for this small purse project.  Picked up the purse pattern at one of my newest favorite quilt shops in Lexington KY.  Q FIRST IN QUILTING is the name of the store.  It is on Harrodsburg Rd.  The pattern is by QUILT PLUS and the handles are from a company called HOBBY & LAND  and they also came from Q First in Quilting. 
The pattern included thorough  instructions that included a picture of the finished product but I did modify the front and back panel.  Would be a great way to use featured fabrics or use up some orphan blocks maybe.  Handles did have to be purchased separately.  

 The purse is small but roomy.  I'm surprised how much actually can fit.  A quilt shop employee told me she even used it as a carry on bag for one of her flights.  I'm anxious to try it out and to see what my daughter and nieces think of it.  Haven't made anything for myself for awhile.  I love purse patterns and have lots thanks to my friend Sydneykatt.  Making this neat pattern makes me want to try out some of my others.

I have included links in this blog for the products and quilt shop.  Scroll over the words in all caps to access the links.  Please check them out if you are interested.

Have an AWESOME day!!!  -- Quiltpecan


  1. You did a FANTASTIC job! I think this is better than the sample at the store! OWL' about making me one?? Seriously, you outdid yourself AGAIN! SYDNEYKATT

  2. Your owl purse is way cute! I haven't seen any owl fabric, will have to look for some!

  3. I looked at this fabric... it is from a collection called Woodland Friends II by Ellen Crimi-Trent for Clothworks. is the website that will show their collections. I bought this fabric at the Q First in Quilting shop mentioned in this post. It also comes in a lime background. I've seen other owl prints but I LOVE this one! -- Quiltpecan