Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Mug Rug finally

Recognize my pattern.  I like the results but think I'll try something else next time I use it.  Did not have luck using the rotary cutter!  Love to know how best to do with a rotary cutter or if possible.  Quiltpecan


  1. Someone told me the best way to use rotary cutter and the Lil' Twister, was a lazy-susan cutting mat : ) For me, the best way is to trace around lil' twister with a marker and cut out with the scissors. Hope this helps, but I LOVE THE MUG RUG! Great job!

  2. This is a “MUG RUG” I made just for you

    You may look at it and say “But what does it do?”

    It’s to give us some time, take a break for a bit

    Now pull up a chair and sit, sit, sit

    Use it for your cocoa, your coffee, or tea

    There’s room for a treat, maybe two, maybe three

    Now take a break, some time just for you

    With time to recoup, who knows what you can do!

  3. Love your Mug Rug! It turned out way better than my first one!