Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hidden Nine Patch

Sydneykatt posted her baby quilt.  Here is another version of the same quilt that I made for baby gifts.  It starts with a 9 patch.  That's all.  Split the nine patch horizontally and vertically down the middle.  You then have 4 new blocks that you can arrange as you please.  You can make all the 9 patches the same or do them random as I did in these quilts.  I LOVE how they turn out.  Sydneykatt's friend Karen put it best ... doing this quilt gives you "more bang for your buck!!"  It looks complicated but is so so easy.  SNIPPETS OF A QUILTER is the name of a blog with a great tutorial for this type block. (Drag your mouse over the words to reach the link.)  -- Quiltpecan

1 comment:

  1. You picked out the most beautiful fabrics! You are such a talented person! I hope the babies are keeping snug and warm under these : ) Sydneykatt