Saturday, March 5, 2011


Two yards of fabric and a 25 cent thrift sale find is almost all it took to complete these two projects.

My 10 year old daughter picked out 2 main fabrics used in these projects.  We bought 1 yard of the brown fabric with the green leafy print.  And 1 yard of the print with the birds and words. For the accent stripe of the pillow I used of a small piece of fabric I already had in my sewing room (we all have that don't we!!)  Then with the main fabric that was left after the pillowcase and a few strips of accent fabric from my strip stash, we made the tote bag shown in the last few photos.  The handle is made from a thrift shop belt I bought for 25 cents!!!   (Only additional fabric needed for the tote was approx. 1/4 yard of scraps,  the lining and the batting.  I used scrap pieces of fabric and batting so I didn't have to buy anything.)

 I love the two projects and they were both easy enough to allow my daughter to help.  The pillowcase is a great beginner project.  MISSOURI STAR QUILT CO offers many tutorials.  The tube pillowcase tutorial is what I used for my daughter's pillow.  Hope you try the pillowcase project.  They have LOTS of other great ideas too.  Go to their site and check them out.  They also offer a daily deal (I'm usually too late to get it though!  LOL)  Their shipping is very reasonable and their fabric is top notch.

Thanks for stopping by our blog today.  Hope to see you again soon!  -- Quiltpecan


  1. Love the colors! If I give you two yards of fabric and a quarter, can you whip these up for me?? Love the belt for the handle! I will have to start looking around for those now! Sydneykatt

  2. Love the idea of using the thrifted belt for handles. Could hang some fun things from the holes!