Friday, April 22, 2011

Angela's Angels

This is a wall hanging I made in college (approx 1993.) At that time I collected angels and this was a pattern I picked out from a Debbie Mumm book. My color choices would be different now but that's part of the fun in looking back is seeing how our tastes, techniques and talents have changed.

I made the wall hanging and a good friend's mother quilted it for me. She was a down home country lady. She was so likable. I love her country style in the quilting. She told me to overlook her "toenail" stitches!! LOL I didn't care because I loved her!!!

Enjoy! Quiltpecan/Angela


  1. I love these angels and I HAVE ONE that a dear friend made for me many years ago! I should post that very soon! Beautiful quilting too!

  2. I love going through old things, ah memories!