Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another AWESOME deal!

Ok... you know that Sydneykatt and I both love a bargain!!!  Well.... I had to get some clothes and have the best luck at JC Penney.  I work at a bank, so can't always go as casual as I'd like.  Anyway... my daughter was looking in her department while I was looking nearby.  "Mom! Can I get these...?"  I wanted to say "NO" until I saw the price!  $0.97!  Yes cents.. as in change.. less than a dollar for these SKINNY jeans the gals love that were originally priced at $36.99!!  Also some bootcut for when she wears her cowboy boots.  But it gets better!!! When I checked out, I got a discount (2 acutally) and ended up paying $0.66 for each pair of jeans.  Got 4 pair!!!  2 for daughter and 2 for niece.  My savings overall was phenomenal too!  I did spend $156.92 but saved $349.88!  AWESOME!  I love getting a deal!!! --Quiltpecan

1 comment:

  1. What a great bargain! Glad you showed your receipt! Did you get it notarized?? Just kidding, love you! Sydneykatt