Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Bang For Your Buck .. In 10 Minutes!

Recently we posted a picture of a small bow tie wall hanging that Sydneykatt made for me.  The block can be done quickly with 5 squares.  You can find a tutorial for this dimensional bow tie block at this link:   Bear Creek Quilter Dimensional Bow tie Tutorial

Susan McNeil has a book that uses the same technique but gets a totally different result in how it looks.  On YouTube she has a tutorial for this block.  She makes it look totally different than the bow tie.  There are variations too so that you can get "more bang for your buck!!!"   Click on the following link to watch her tutorial:  Susan McNeil's 10 minute block

This link shows the 10 minute block plus a little more:  10 Minute Block and More

Hope you like these links.  I plan on trying Susan's technique soon!!!  Quiltpecan

This is book by Susan McNeil.  If you like the tutorial, check out the book!

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