Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gotta LOVE Goodwill

Made an unplanned stop at Goodwill Monday and found a treasure!  Remember the Pyrex bowl from a few days ago with the brown design?  Well today I found a divided dish in the same style.  Only difference is this one was brown, with gold emblem embossing!!!  $5.90!  For Pyrex, I think it's a steal and especially since you can't always find it every time you go!  Happy Hunting to you as well!!  Quiltpecan


  1. Hunting for items is a lot of fun! Glad you found a matching piece - that's awesome!!

  2. I am having Good Will withdrawals, LOL! Like both of your finds!

  3. When I find some goodies I like to go every day. Of course, I have to make myself drive by sometimes!! LOL