Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden - In The Shed

I found the top of this hutch on the side of the road and added the bottom shelf and some square 2x4 blocks on the lower 4 corners.  I keep all my gardening books here in my shed : )  Oh, and the white powder on the floor, is SEVEN.  I cleaned out my shed, and there were tons of ants!  I sprayed out the shed and they just kept coming back.  So, I had a fan helping to dry it out and then I got this idea to sprinkle SEVEN around to stop the ants, seems to be working!  Not a great look, but, it gets the job done : )  And, most of these books, are from.....guess where..............Goodwill.  Sydneykatt


  1. awesome idea!
    Granny Trace

  2. aj said...I'm glad to see your shed, so neat!
    We have many ants in IN toooo! Love you, Sydneykatt