Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love & Peace .... in a purse!

Remember my owl and elephant purses?... well, I just can't stop.  These purses make up so quickly and so nicely.  I have 3 that need finished for cousins and my niece.  I finished one this past week and will finish the others soon.  Wanted to share my end result.  I just love them!!!!  (Did I tell you that???  LOL)  If you are interested in the supplies, check out this link for the original OWL purse.  Since making the first one, I have found other sources for the handles.  The online store mentioned in the above link is valid but I have since also found them at ETSY.  Look for purse making supplies.  Sydneykatt found them for me!  :-)  Thanks go to her for that! 
I think this new purse will be a hit with the little gal who will receive it.  Can't wait to see her face.  :-)  Quiltpecan

1 comment:

  1. aj said...So cute they will love the purses!
    Maybe I can put one on my christmas list. Sydneykatt:) Quiltpecan your flowers are
    beautiful too.