Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apple Gourd

This is an apple gourd I grew several years ago, from my previous residence.  I loved growing all kinds of gourds and had great luck at it!  I especially like the apple gourds after they dry, so that I can clean and paint them up like giant apples : )  Now, where I live I have not been able to grow hardly any gourds at all, because of the BIRDS!  I am lucky though, the birds do not like my half-runner bean seeds : )  Sydneykatt


  1. OOOH I am trying to grow some of those this year :) That and about 3 other kinds too. Wish me luck. So far tons of blooms!

  2. I love these!!! The wind, weather, and storms got the best of mine. Maybe I should try to grow some here. I've not tried.... Wonder if they will grow up trees!! LOL Hope Sunflower Patch has some good luck with hers. Sydneykatt... maybe next year try again and cover with tobacco cloth to keep the birds out until they get some size on them. Worth a try!

  3. The apple gourd is very special, paint and all!!!
    Good job:) Love you