Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was wondering what to write for my next entry.  Seems when I least expect it, the ideas creep in.  (Sometimes slowly!!  LOL)  I had a long 12 hour day at work and wanted to sew but didn't feel I had enough brain power left to concentrate on any new projects!  (I work at a bank and we've recently completed a LARGE software conversion that is still wreaking lots of havoc on those of us who work in the back rooms (accounting / loan operations / etc)  Anyway, I did have the energy to finish reading a great book I had started. 

The book I finished is from a series by Marie Bostwick.  I read the first just by chance.  A lady I know bought the first issue a few years back.  After reading it, she passed it on and many of us have now read it.  It's a QUILT based series but the author has such great characters. It doesn't center entirely on quilting and crafting.  You don't have to be a quilter to enjoy her characters and well told stories.  I feel as if I know the people in her books and I want to be part of their circle.  They are rich but realistic characters.  If any of you even like to read a little, you may want to check out Marie Bostwick.  Click on her name to go to her web page.  Right now she has some cool quilt pictures posted!!  She is on the road and has pictures from a quilt exhibit.  She posts in a blog like style but also has pages for her Reader Fans. 

The book series currently has 4 editions.  It starts with A SINGLE THREAD (click here for excerpt.)  Go to her website and find out more!  The book I just finished is THREADING THE NEEDLE (click here for excerpt.)  I really think she will continue this series too.  I sure hope so.  I love the characters. 

Have a great day!  Enjoy it doing what you love best!  Or simply sit down and enjoy a good read like I did!

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