Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holly Hobbie and Me

I probably have never shared that I love Holly Hobbie.  Oh... I had Raggedy Ann too but I loved Holly Hobbie.  Don't know why I loved her but I did.  I also had her companion, Robby Hobbie.  :-)  My Granny had a plate that said, "Start each day in a happy way."  I was lucky enough to get it when she passed.  It's in my kitchen and I see it every day.  Unfortunately my Holly Hobbie doll was ruined in storage but I've picked up some Holly Hobbie things here and there and usually at Goodwill.  :-)  The other day, I was looking at our local Goodwill and tucked up high on a shelf, I picked up a little piece that I thought was a spoon rest.  Turns out it was a little smaller than that but to my surprise, when I pulled it down, it was a HOLLY HOBBIE stoneware piece.  :-)  Kinda shaped like a radish!!  Going to have to look around on the internet and see what I can find out.  Pretty cool piece to add to my collection for 59 cents.  :-)  Happy treasure hunting to you as well!  Quiltpecan


  1. Brings back memories. Mr. S. gave me the same plate, mothers day (when he was 9 months old) of course his grandma shopped for it. "Start each way in a happy way." I smile each day, when I look at the plate in my kitchen. Thanks for the happy blog:) Could your small dish be for gravy?

  2. It's too small for gravy. It's smaller than it appears. ... I noticed in my blog that I misquoted the saying. It should be "start each DAY in a happy way" Typo on my part. The dish is very small, I have a feeling it's probably supposed to be decorative only. I will probably use as a spoon rest even though it's a little small.

  3. Sorry the plate I have, says "Start each day in a happy way." too.