Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goodwill Goodies

Just 'cause I haven't posted Goodwill Goodies by no means means I haven't been there!!  LOL  Gotta treasure hunt!!  It's fun!!!  Last trip I found several things.  Check out my goodies!!  :-)  --Quiltpecan
These are little Jell-O molds made of aluminum.  I already had some that were my Granny's but I had a plan for these two.  Have you seen those little pin cushions made to look like cupcakes and such?  Well.. I'm thinking that these would make pretty cushions.  Weight and Stuff the bottom and make a pretty puffy top of a scrap of fabric.  (I might be able to find some fabric.  wink wink.... )  And best thing... only 59 cents each.
Raggedy Ann is a nice piece.  At least 12 inches wide.  Sydneykatt has one like her.... maybe in better shape than this one and she also has Andy but I've always thought they were cute and wanted one.  Well.. this was my lucky day.  Raggedy Ann is now mine for only $1.59.  I thought this was my steal for the day.

My daughter wants a thermos and most in the store are cheap in quality, high in price.  But this one at GW looked like new and was $2.59 and the quality is better than the ones I looked at in the box stores the other day.

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