Friday, November 4, 2011

Schnibbles update

This change in seasons has made me so tired!!!  I guess I am one of those people who really needs the sunlight!!!  I try to get motivated but I just wanna sleep!  However I did get to work some on my Schnibble McGuffey wall hanging. I need to have it done by Saturday.  I'm like the kids at school.. let's wait until the last minute!!  LOL  Anyway.... I have the inner blocks done.  They are similar to log cabin, just not as many rows.  I've laid out what I have.  Who knows how many times I'll move the blocks around before sewing them together!!  Do you do that?  I'm sure we all do. I will have to do more work on it tonite.  Hope you are having a productive day as well!! --Quiltpecan

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