Thursday, November 3, 2011


HUH YOU SAY??? Un Paper Paper Towels??  What in the world!!  Saw people on Facebook  talking about making paperless paper towels.  Well... the crafter / sewer in me was intrigued so I've searched online.  There are a couple different varieties and think I may have to try both ways to see what I like.  I'm sure it's all a matter of personal preference.  We already use cloth napkins and I don't buy that many paper towels.  So... Going to have to check this out and give it a try.  Maybe you will give it a try too.

One variety uses terry cloth and makes a second layer with a fabric of your choice... example... all those great cotton novelties or pretties we have.  There is a new blog I've found called, SEW A STRAIGHT LINE and here is the link for her tutorial on making paperless paper towels. 

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Another variety uses a BIRDSEYE weave.  From what I've found searching online, it's similar to the cloth used for cloth diapers.  We know what great absorbency and usefulness those things have.  There are some pre-made on ETSY and I'm considering those (because after I order fabric and pay shipping, it may be easier just to buy some from another deserving crafter.)  MY HAPPY CRAZY LIFE blog has this link for towels made with the birdseye fabric.

SIMPLE MOM has a blog and she gives great tips on starting your own paperless kitchen.  Go here for her suggestions.

We try to make our house more green.  I do other things too but this is one way to reduce our "carbon foot print" and I like knowing I am teaching my daughter to be responsible concerning our environment.  Hope you will check it out and give it some consideration. --Quiltpecan