Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Since I never have any projects started (wink, wink) thought I'd start a Block of the Month with a new quilt shop I was introduced to. The shop is called QUILT HEAVEN in Grayson, KY. It's a nice spacious store. They offer classes, fabric, notions, and long arm quilting to name a few. Nice store. Glad I found out about it.

They usually offer a block of the month pattern. Several actually. The one I'm signed up for is only $1 per month. Only catch is, you have to buy "thangles" to make them. But they were only $5, so I thought that was fair. I've finished February and March so far. I need to go pick up April's block. I'm not behind. It did start in February as opposed to January.

These are not colors I would pick but that's another reason I like it. Out of my norm. :-) The 2nd block is a pretty minty green. Much prettier in person.

What kinds of projects have you started lately? --Quiltpecan

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  1. Pretty fabric in those blocks! It's going to be lovely!