Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Spy Quilt

I have been saving novelty fabrics for several years.  I have lovely grandchildren that I wanted to make this for.  I cut out two pieces of every piece for a total of 200, 6 inch squares.  The way it came out, there were 196, squares to make up the quilt.  I had 4 squares left over, and I am going to sew those matching squares on the backside into a pocket.  I bordered the quilt with Dr. Seuss, ABC fabric.  Now, when the grandchildren come to stay all night, I hope to keep them guessing!  There are many games we can play with this quilt.  Matching toys, boats, fish.....everything!  We can look for fruit, vegetables, colors, numbers and I hope we can spend many hours always enjoying this quilt together.  After I pieced this quilt, I took it to my local quilt store and had it machine quilted.  I hope the grandchildren will like this.  What do you think?  Sydneykatt


  1. Looks like a real keeper!! What a nice grandma-:) Love Ya Mother Smith

  2. I think the grandchildren will LOVE it and be excited that you made it for them!!!