Thursday, February 9, 2012

1600 inch quilt

What... 1600 inch quilt?  How!  Well.... at a local quilt shop we were discussing what to do with all those beautiful Jelly Rolls we see in the stores.  A instructor told us about a 1600 inch quilt so I went home and searched for it on the Internet.  I found the following websites that show how to take a jelly roll and make a quick and easy quilt.  The 1600 comes from the 40 strips that are in a jelly roll times an approximately 40 inch wide piece/strip.  If you don't have a jelly roll, you can cut 40 strips of your own choice.  Cut them into 2 1/2 inch wide strips the width of your fabric (minus selvages).
Heirloom Creations Blog / 1600 inch quilt entry
Quilting Board message board post
Heirloom Creations YOU TUBE video, Jelly Roll Races
Sydneykatt and I are going to try this ourselves.  I found this MODA jelly roll with owl prints and other fun novelty prints and think I'll try it for a couch throw for my daughter... or me!  :-)  I love our fleece blankets but just want more character in our decor.  If you want to try too, send us your pics, we'll share everyone's progress.  :-)  Here are some pics of my jelly roll. --Quiltpecan

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